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YouTube Title Generator (Explained):

YouTube AI Title Generator is a free online tool that helps you generate catchy and SEO-friendly video YouTube video titles based on your chosen keyword or topic with the power of AI Content Generation. It is the best way for having a strong YouTube video. titles that boost your CTR and increase your number of views. 

If you are not aware of the importance of having a good video title for a successful video, you're missing a lot. People will not click on videos if not watched by the titles even if they are suggested by the platform itself, and if they do it a lot, YouTube won't recommend your video again and will stop placing it in the top search results and video recommendations too. Unfortunately, this leads to a decrease in the number of views as no one will see it. 


How to use YouTube AI Title Generator?

YouTube AI Title Generator is the best video title generator you can use without paying a penny. You just need to register or log in if you already have an account on H-supertools. 

You can add keywords or topics having up to 70 characters. 

To use YouTube AI Title Generator: 

  • Visit H-supertools
  • Go to the Youtube section in Menu and choose the YouTube Title Generator.
  • Write your keyword or topic in the box. 
  • Click Generate, and see the Magic!


What Does a Good YouTube Video Title Have?

To write a good YouTube video title, it must include 3 important components which are:

1- Keywords

Every YouTube video has a keyword that you are trying to make it rank. These keywords must be searched for using a professional keyword tool like our Keyword Research Tool. By the way, our free tool is very easy to use. Just write your topic and click search to find up to 50 keywords with some details for each one.

Make sure that the keyword you chose is clearly related to your topic and is relatively easy to rank for. 

This keyword must be used in your title. 

2- Power Words

Grabbing the user's attention is crucial to encourage him to click on your video. That's why your video title must include power words for more clicks and higher CTR. 

Moreover, this will eventually lead to better overall SEO performance. 

3- Video Title Length

In general, YouTube allows you to write titles containing up to 100 characters, but most search engines we use will show only 70 characters. Therefore, make sure that your title doesn't go beyond 70 characters, so the user can read it. 

If your title has 3 components, there will be a big chance for it to rank on the first page of search engines. However, you can save some time and effort and use our YouTube AI Title Generator to create the best possible YouTube video title that contains the keyword and power word and has the right length.

Using the best youtube title generator like our YouTube AI Title Generator can save you a lot of time and effort to generate a successful Youtube title.


The goals of having a good YouTube Video Title:

Seo standards are crucial to succeed on YouTube. The content of your video, the title and the description should be SEO optimized for having a good ranking. 

However, your title is the first thing the users see when your video appears to them, so your video title must be good enough to achieve two goals: Findability and Clickability.

1- Findability

Findability means how often your video appears at the top of search results on YouTube. Since YouTube is related to Google, your video will have a chance to appear as video results in Google itself. To achieve findability, you should choose carefully your words to make your title similar to what people usually look for. 

Don't forget to do good keyword research to find suitable keywords and write effective youtube titles that get views.

2- Clickability

Even if your title includes the right keywords, it won't get enough clicks. and perform well if it is not interesting. Interesting titles usually have:

  • emotive words like ‘unexpected’, ‘unbelievable’, ‘shocking’, ‘surprising’, etc… 
  • Listicle words telling your audience that you will list X of places, reasons, ways, etc… 
  • Interesting phrases that raise curiosity like ‘This is why…’, ‘This is what…’, ‘This is how…’ etc… 
  • Numerical data means informing your audience with numbers as proof of accurate results. You can say ‘how I achieved X in Y months’ or 'This is what only 5% of people do'. 


How to Create Great YouTube Video Titles

Great YouTube video titles differ from one niche to another. However, there are 4 common themes that will help you craft a perfect YouTube title that can rank in search engines and grab your audience's attention at the same time. In between, our YouTube AI Title Generator, follow these guidelines to ensure the best results: 

1- Use SEO Keywords in the Video Title

Search engines work the same, so YouTube search engines rely on SEO like Google search. Therefore, you must make sure that your video title follows all the key SEO ranking factors to get an opportunity to rank on the top results. 

You can save a lot of time and create the best title by typing your keyword in the YouTube AI Title Generator above and letting the generator do the work. 

2- Convey What the Video Is About

The title tells the user what the video is talking about. So, it must be related to the content. If you go crazy and write an attractive title that is not related to your content, you will end up harming the video's performance. 

3- Make Short and Direct YouTube Titles

YouTube allows you to write a title of 100 characters, but most search engines display only 70 characters. So, no need for including extra information. A clear and concise title will be wonderful and enough. You can leave unnecessary details in the description. 

4- Involve Some Use Emotional and Powerful Words in the YoTube Title

Emotional titles grab the users' attention, so make sure to include special words like free, discount, guaranteed, easy, and more in your YouTube title. 

Eventually, we created this YouTube AI Title Generator to help you save time and effort, and create the best YouTube titles for your YouTube videos. 


Can we change the YouTube video titles?

Yes, you can change the YouTube video titles of your previous videos, but remember that YouTube will re-evaluate your video. This change will highly change the video’s position in search results.

Honestly, such a change may be good if the video is not getting visitors. However, if the video has visitors, don’t edit anything and try to help it rank better in different ways like sharing it to other platforms to get some visitors and engagement.



Prohibited Content

We use Strict Filtering on bad content, so you are not allowed to use the tool for generating any of the following categories of content:

  • Hate: content that expresses, incites, or promotes hate based on identity.
  • Harassment: content that intends to harass, threaten, or bully an individual.
  • Violence: content that promotes or glorifies violence or celebrates the suffering or humiliation of others.
  • Self-harm: content that promotes, encourages, or depicts acts of self-harm, such as suicide, cutting, and eating disorders.
  • Adult: content meant to arouse sexual excitement, such as describing a sexual activity or promoting sexual services (excluding sex education and wellness).
  • Political: content attempting to influence the political process or be used for campaigning purposes.
  • Spam: Unsolicited bulk content.
  • Deception: false or misleading content, such as attempting to defraud individuals or spread disinformation.
  • Malware: content that attempts to generate ransomware, keyloggers, viruses, or other software intended to impose some level of harm.

If you face any problems or have any suggestions, we will be more than happy to hear from you. Please post your thoughts on the forum or contact us on our support email.