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Questions Explorer: The Best Question Generator Tool (2022)

Keyword research is one of the most important activities in SEO. The best thing you can do to up your rankings on search engines is answer questions asked by your audience. And for that, we have developed Questions Explorer, the best question generator tool in the market.

Why? It’s because it offers tons of questions related to your seed keyword for free. And it also categorizes with interrogatory words like when, why, and more. Answering questions your audience is asking is the best thing for you to boost your site’s traffic. 

What Are Keyword Questions

Keyword questions or question keywords are the phrases people use to ask about something. And if you are good enough to answer it in detail, you’ll get more traffic to your site or blog. Why? It’s because you’re helping people find the right answers online. 

Keyword questions are usually related to some major keyword or niche. For example, you’ll get these questions under ‘People Also Ask’ if you type ‘keyword research’ in Google:

  • How do you do keyword research?
  • What are keywords?
  • What is a keyword research example?

And the list goes on. One method for finding such questions is by doing the SERPs analysis. Search for the keyword and find the questions related to it under the ‘People Also Ask’ section in Google. But is it worth answering the keyword questions? Let’s find it out! 

Why Are Questions Important for SEO

Every query typed in Google is a sort of question. If you want to know the age of Elon Musk, you may use the keyword ‘age of Elon Musk’ rather than typing ‘how old is Elon Musk’ in Google. And these examples are countless, without a doubt. 

If you answer your audience’s questions correctly, you’ll get more traffic to your site or blog. And that will bring in more sales and revenue. Maybe, you have an online store for shoes, and you answer many questions about shoes, you’ll get more traction on search engines. 

But should you answer all the questions possible? Not really. 

Leave Questions Answered by Google

If you search for ‘age of Elon Musk,’ Google will answer the question right away. That’s why we believe you shouldn’t bother answering such questions. It will only take your time, energy, and money and not bring in the ROI you expect. 

So leave questions already answered by Google. And understand the searcher’s intent fully. If you want to know the best guitars for beginners, you’re probably looking for guitar suggestions by experts. And there are a lot of expert bloggers to help you with that. 

But if you type, ‘Time right now, you’ll surely not read a 2000-word article about Time right now. Rather, you want to know the Time right away. That’s why our question generator tool suggests the questions that Google doesn’t readily answer. 

Here’s another tip to help you rank for question-related searches on search engines. 

Include Images & Other Visual Content to Answer the Questions

So how to boost SEO with question keywords optimization? First, you should not respond to the questions readily answered by Google itself. Secondly, you must include images, videos, and visual graphs. They increase the click-through ratio considerably. 

Ask yourself, “how can I answer this question with a visual content like image or chart?”. It doesn’t mean you will rely on graphics only. You need to answer the questions thoroughly. But visuals do optimize your answer for increased conversions. 

But how to find those questions so that you can answer them to boost your rankings? Let us walk you through the process of finding them right now. 

How to Find Keyword Questions With Top Question Generator

There are two methods of finding keyword questions:

  • Find them manually on SERPs and by brainstorming
  • Or use the best question generator tools

Finding questions manually on SERPs requires you to search for your keywords. And then see all the questions under the ‘People Also Ask’ section.

Alternatively, brainstorming involves organizing all the possible questions for your niche by getting a pen and paper out. But you may miss out on some of the top questions asked by your audience then. 

The best method to find keyword questions is by using a data-based question generator tool. AnswerThePublic is a premium question-generating tool. But it comes at a substantial price of $99 per month. It lessens down to $79 per month only if you pay for an entire year. 

That’s where our Questions Explorer pops up! 

It’s also a premium tool to help you curate many questions for your keywords in any niche. But it’s free forever, and you never have to pay a single penny for using our tool. Our founder Hassan Aboul Hassan always wants to offer free digital marketing tools. 

You may want to create an account at H-Supertools to get the maximum keyword questions. But you get plenty of questions even if you don’t make the account. Guess what! Creating an H-Supertools account is also free. So, there’s nothing to lose!

But is it worth it? For that, you need to understand how Questions Explorer works and let’s find it out right now. 

How Does Questions Explorer Work?

Questions Explorer by H-Supertools has a solid data background. It doesn’t just roll out random questions about your keywords. But it gets the data from Google, YouTube, and some other third-party APIs. And the data makes it such a powerful SEO tool. 

You’re not answering just the random question. Rather, you’re answering your audience’s questions. And that’s a brilliant strategy in the SEO world. 

Now you may ask how we can get the data from Google and other third-party APIs. To answer that, our developers have set up a few codes and combined them for your good. All you need is to enter your keyword and get questions right away. 

Why Questions Explorer is the Best Question Generator Tool in 2021

There are several benefits of using our tool on H-Supertools. It’s a free and easy-to-use tool to generate questions related to your niche. And that’s why it also helps you amp up your rankings on search engine pages. 

Use Easy to Use Question Generator Tool for Free Forever

The first benefit of using Questions Explorer is obvious; it’s easy to use. And it’s free. All you need is to enter your seed keyword and search. Within seconds, you’ll have plenty of question keywords. Create an H-Supertools account if you want more questions. 

Readers like you support H-Supertools. We either accept donations or run ads to fund our tool site, and we want you to feel free. However, we use Captcha technology to get rid of spammers and bots. 

Improve Your On-Page SEO With Our Question Generator Tool

Honestly, it doesn’t directly improve the on-page SEO of your site. But if you use our question generator tool to answer the questions asked by your audience, you’ll see the results. You can also use the Question schema to get noticed by Google quickly and often. 

Choose Country Targeted Questions

We continuously improve Questions Explorer. When our founder Hassan Aboul Hassan launched it, you couldn’t target a specific country initially. But now you can choose from country-specific questions.

For that, you need to set the country from ‘Questions Explorer Options,’ or you can go global. However, you can only choose from the US, UK, Australia, Canada, India, New Zealand, and South Africa. But going international will do miracles as well!

Discover from the Categories of Questions

Questions Explorer categorizes the questions based on interrogative words like when, where, and more. This way, you can easily analyze which questions need to be answered. It also makes things fast when you’re organized. 

Other Awesome Digital Marketing Tools by H-Supertools

If you like our Questions Explorer, you’ll love other tools as well. And we are always trying to add more to our bucket list. Do you want to do your keyword research for YouTube, try our YouTube Keyword Tool? 

And counting! If you aren’t still impressed, try using H-Supertools for free. And see if it works for you. Contact us for suggestions, complaints, or just feedback without hesitation. We’re always working on making H-Supertools better and better. 

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Simply, Keyword Research Tool helps you to understand what people are searching for online. It shows different keywords that are searched for on various search engines in different countries around the world and give you the search volume data and paid competition, so you can select the best keywords to rank on and get more organic free traffic.
Keyword Research Tool gets keywords from different search engines like Google and YouTube and reads the search volume data from Google and Other Third Party APIs