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Free Bulk Keyword Data Tool (Explained):

Best Bulk Keyword Generator: Free Bulk Keyword Data Tool

The Bulk Keyword Data Tool by H-Supertools is a bulk keyword generator. It offers a lot of keywords related to two or more seed keywords. Bulk keyword search provides a lot of benefits in terms of speed and time. This tool helps you

  • Understand your audience
  • Increase conversions
  • Market your product or service effectively
  • Expand your long-tail efforts
  • Place the right keywords in your content

And the list continues. You can achieve that by understanding the key metrics for your keywords, including CPC, Ranking Difficulty, Search Volume, and more. Studies show that 77% of Google users click on organic links over paid ads. 

It means you need to focus on getting organic traffic to enjoy your long-term success. And for that, explore the untapped keywords. Don’t guess what your audience wants. And doing the bulk keyword search is awesome, for it saves a lot of time. 

What is Keyword Research

A keyword is a word that someone types into a search engine when looking for something on the internet. Keyword research gives you insight into what other people are searching for online.

Keyword research helps you inform what content you need to create and what keywords you should target. It’s the most important part of any SEO campaign.

Keywords are the “ingredients” that you use to bake your cake. If you want to bake a chocolate chip cookie, chocolate chips would be the best ingredient. It gives your product its unique flavor. It’s true for SEO as well. Keyword research helps you define the content and select the needed keywords.

Free Bulk Keyword Data Tool – Best Bulk Keyword Generator

Our free bulk keyword tool is the best alternative to Google Keyword Planner. It allows you to know the exact phrases people use. But you cannot perform bulk keyword analysis effectively. With the Bulk Keyword Data Tool by H-Supertools, you can do it seamlessly. 

That’s why we believe it’s the best bulk keyword generator in the market. It offers a monthly search volume, CPC, paid competition data for all your keywords. But before using it, you may want to know how it works and why you must use it. Let’s get started!

How Does the Free Bulk Keyword Generator Work

Have you noticed that Google almost completes your query before you type it in the search bar? That feature is called Google Autosuggest or Autocomplete, and it’s an outstanding feature to speed up your searching process as a user. 

Google suggests those suggestions based on frequency and searcher’s intent. With that said, it helps you complete a search you are intended to do, not suggest new searches only. It can be extremely valuable for you as a website owner or marketer, without a doubt. 

But if you guess what people are searching for and save the Google Suggestions, it will suck your time and energy. And it will take a lot more time when you’re doing the bulk keyword analysis. And still, you don’t get any valuable data for those keywords. 

That’s where our Bulk Keyword Data Tool comes in handy. Enter all your keywords in the box above and ‘Get Data’ for them right away. Prioritize your content based on the data. And it will surely bring in a better ROI than ever. 

Why Use Our Free Bulk Keyword Generator

There are tons of reasons for you to use our free keyword suggestion tool. Don’t believe us, and have a look at some of them right now. 

See Important SEO Metrics

SEO is the practice of optimizing your web pages for increased visibility on search engines. In other words, it helps you rank high on Google. SEO is extremely important for the organic traffic of your site. And our tool enables you to see all the important SEO metrics like:

  • CPC (Cost Per Click)
  • Monthly Search Volume 
  • Paid Competition

And more. Bulk Keyword Data Tool is an easy-to-use free keyword research tool for bulk analysis. It allows you to explore the above given SEO KPIs for several keywords at the same time. Once you know them, you can better amp up your site’s rankings. 

Discover Easy Keyword to Rank for 

We have already admitted in Keyword Research Tool that no keywords are easy to rank for. It’s because there are tons of factors behind some keywords’ ranking. But some keywords are relatively easier to rank for than others. 

And those keywords usually have more than three words, also known as long tails. But you cannot just guess them. You need to evaluate all the keywords based on Volume, paid competition, and CPC.

Analyze Paid Competition: Bulk Keyword Difficulty Checker

Yes, our bulk keyword generator acts as a bulk keyword difficulty checker as well. You can check the ranking difficulty for keywords based on CPC and paid competition, and our tool categorizes three levels for paid competition; low, medium, and high. 

So if it’s low for a keyword, you can easily rank your site for that keyword. But you still need to improve on other factors like quality content and more. 

Explore the CPC for Each Keyword

Do you want to prioritize your keywords based on the related cost per click (CPC)? If yes, then it’s time to try Bulk Keyword Generator. It helps you enter keywords, giving you the CPC of each keyword on your lists. 

Know Monthly Search Volume: Free Bulk Keyword Volume Checker

The bulk keyword generator tool will help you know the monthly search volume. It’s helpful to decide about the keyword, whether to use it or not. Now, you don’t have to pay to know the monthly search volume of keywords. It also helps you to generate multiple keywords according to their requirement.

Copy or Save Selected or All Keywords

And most importantly, our free bulk keyword generating tool helps you copy or save selected or all keywords. Keeping keywords for later use is excellent. Sometimes you never want to work on all the keywords right away. That’s why you may want to save your data. And no, we never save your data

Other Free Digital Marketing Tools by H-Supertools

Hassan’s mission for H-Supertools is to offer you all the digital marketing tools for free forever. So, if you love using our Keyword Research Tool, you may want to check out other awesome tools as well. 

And counting! If you aren’t still impressed, try using H-Supertools for free. And see if it works for you. Contact us for suggestions, complaints, or just feedback without hesitation. We’re always working on making H-Supertools better and better. 

Important FAQs
Bulk Keyword Data Tool is free simple online keyword research tool that allows you to get Search Volume Data of several keywords in Bulk.
Keyword Research Tool gets keywords from different search engines like Google and YouTube and reads the search volume data from Google and Other Third Party APIs