Ultimate Email Marketing Guide For Beginners (2022)

For beginners, the email marketing guide includes the latest strategies with practical examples to improve your email marketing ROI.

A common belief old days among digital marketers was that

“Email Marketing is Dead!”

But now it’s changing. Let me tell you the truth!

Email marketing has an ROI (Return of Investment) of $42 for every $1 spent. In simple words, you will get $42 investment back while spending only $1.”

Such a high ROI return means you need to focus on learning the art of effective email marketing to increase your brand value and land more customers.

Therefore, this guide is designed to get you started with effective strategies to pitch your readers and convert them into customers accordingly.

Adding to that, the email marketing guide also includes a step-by-step guide to building an effective email list and pitching it with the help of different tools.

Give it a thorough read, and enjoy increasing the worth of your business to a whole new level!

Let us get started with some basics first: 

Email Marketing Guide: Introduction

Email marketing is an effective and direct communication method to increase brand awareness, get new readers, or land potential sales. 

As far as history is concerned, the first known marketing email was sent in 1978 and it resulted in $13 million in sales

As a beginner digital marketer, you should not take this field lightly with all the facts stated. 

With the right tactics and strategies, you will surely excel in bringing new leads and direct sales only from email marketing. 

Before jumping into anything, let us first define what email marketing actually is: 

What is Email Marketing

Neil Patel describes email marketing as “A method to send promotional messages to people in large quantities probably to generate leads or to grab sales.”

The more elaborative definition goes as, “A digital marketing strategy consisting of sending emails to multiple users to convert them into customers or avid readers of a specific brand.”

I define this type of marketing as “A way to pitch users directly via multiple emails to grab their attention over a specific target.”

Now that you already have a question of how this kind of marketing works, have a look: 

How Does Email Marketing Work?   

Email marketing requires a series of different events just like any other type of marketing. 

First things first, you need to have an active email list, which you have to target to bring potential leads and sales. 

Next, you will need a proper email service provider, i.e., software or a platform where you could manage all your email campaigns easily. 

In the end, you will have to define your goals about a specific email strategy to make sure that you can target the email list properly. 

By doing so, your business or brand will start becoming authentic and more trustworthy. 

Not only that, but you could also pitch your users for potential sales once they start trusting your brand. 

We will discuss the whole process of how email marketing works later. 

For now, let me give you some basic examples of email marketing: 

Email Marketing Guide: Examples 

Since I am into learning different strategies of how email marketing works, I receive a plethora of emails from different companies trying to convert me into a customer. 

Here is an example of Liberty Mutual Auto (An Insurance Company) that tried a unique marketing strategy to grab my attention: 

If you have a look at this email, you will notice following things: 

Use of Attractive Colors: The Company took help of multiple colors, (Yellow and Blue) to emphasize their message. 

Copywriting Skills: I got hooked up after reading the first tagline, i.e., “We’re wild about savings.”

Similarly, the company made a second tagline bold with a claim that I could save $947 on insurance. 

Excellent way to keep me engaged!

More Elaboration: It also mentioned the extra perks and benefits that I would enjoy such as Accident Forgiveness along with New Car Replacement. 

Another example that I loved is from Semrush Marketing Team. Here it goes: 

Semrush targeted free users of its services in this email and it got me hooked with the first tagline already. 

Besides, you can also Have a look at how well the marketing team used visual graphics to keep me engaged until the end of the email. 

That is what email marketing is all about, i.e., to force a user into taking some kind of action through different tactics. 

Email Marketing Guide: Why Get Started Right Now? 

Even with so much social media hype these days, you should not close your eyes when it comes to email marketing. 

As a beginner digital marketer, here are some of the benefits of email marketing that will help you take the first step to start learning this art from scratch: 

#1 Communication Channel: 

Although I know people now prefer checking Facebook or Instagram on a daily basis, it does not change the fact that 99% of users still check their emails every day. 

So, it is still one of the largest communication channels available worldwide whether you believe it or not. 

You Own the Email List You Make 

You could enjoy followers and fans on different social media apps until your account gets deactivated one day and you are left with nothing. 

However, you will not have to deal with this problem when it comes to an active email list. 

You can literally save it anywhere you want and pitch your subscribers anytime you want. 

Email Converts Better Than Any Other Marketing Tool

With the right copywriting skills, you can convert a user within a short period of time. 

Not to forget, the ROI percentage of email marketing is around 4400%.

So, once you build a list out of scratch, you will have an effective way to grab more subscriptions and sales without any hurdle. 

Building a Trustworthy Audience

Most of all, with effective email campaigns and strategies you are actually building trust among your audience for your business or a brand. 

Once this relation develops between your brand and audience, you can cash this opportunity to full extent. I’ll share how you can build audience in this email marketing guide.

Those are some of the reasons to get started with email marketing right now. 

Believe me, you will start loving how easier it could get to increase your brand’s revenue and sales with simple yet effective strategies. 

Now that you have made up your mind to learn email marketing strategies from scratch, let me help you out. 

Have a look at the step-by-step guide as follows: 

Email Marketing Guide: How to Get Started in 2022?

As a newbie, I had to explore a proper roadmap to start with my email marketing journey. 

Unfortunately, I was not able to find something exceptional. However, now that I have command over the field, I took it upon myself to make a clearer roadmap for newbies. 

Let us start the main discussion: 

1. Pick the Best Email Marketing Service Provider: 

Picking the right email marketing service provider (ESP) would already solve 50% of your problems related to email campaigns. 

However, making the right choice, especially when you are a beginner could become a little daunting. 

Before I start suggesting the best ESPs available in 2022, I want you to consider the following things first: 

Is the ESP Affordable Enough? 

Budget is a common problem for almost all new digital marketers. 

So, make sure that the service provider you choose is affordable enough, or else you will not be able to start an automated campaign easily. 

Some service providers also offer different plans according to the demands of the marketers, so you could also go through them one by one. 

Is It Easy to Use? 

An ESP with a simple User Interface and easy User Experience should be a priority for you. 

You do not need to get indulged into anything complex as you are just taking baby steps towards learning email marketing. 

Therefore, keep this factor in mind before choosing a service provider. 

Will It Increase Your Scalability? 

I have seen multiple service providers increasing their prices once you make a strong portfolio of an active email list. 

To avoid this problem in near future, you need to see whether a specific ESP will let you scale your business or not. 

The best way to do this is to read multiple reviews about different service providers and then make the final decision. 

Top Email Marketing Software & Tools (2022)

With that being said, here are some of the platforms that I think you should try as a beginner: 

Constant Contact – Premium Email Marketing Software

Constant Contact tops the list for being the best email service provider for small businesses and organizations. 

With Constant Contact, you will have access to dozens of reusable email templates that you can customize within a few clicks. 

Not only that, but it also provides creative “Welcome Email” templates that can have an instant impact on different users. 

On top of that, you will get one month of free access to try all premium features of Constant Contact email marketing tools. 

Paid plans are also affordable. Have a look at some of them now.  

Email Plan: It starts at $20 for a month and allows up to 3 users to use the account at once. You can create customized emails, automate your campaigns, and track your progress with this plan easily. 

Email Plus Plan: Starting at $45 per month, this package will let you explore hundreds of customizable email templates to hook your audience. It offers 10 users to use same account at once and could automate your campaigns with some extra features. 

 All in all, if you want to test different strategies as a newbie, I would suggest you consider signing up for Constant Contact. 

H-Supertools Free Email Validation & Extraction 

I created H-Supertools to help you achieve your digital marketing dreams for free. It has tons of tools, including the ones for email marketing given below:

The first tool helps you validate your email address. The second one allows you to validate your entire email list. And the Email Text Extractor extracts all the email addresses from any text copied from public websites and files. 

H-Supertools has tons of digital marketing tools, including keyword tools, image editors, and more. It’s free forever because I accept donations from kind people like you and get paid for running ads. I believe you must give it a try to boost your email markeing ROI. 

OptinMonster – Top Optimizing Tool

Offering far better options to customize your email campaigns, OptinMonster can help you pitch your audience in the best possible manner. 

The service provider makes sure that you can attract your abandoning visitors like a charm.

A smooth and straightforward User Interface will take you no more than a few minutes to design creative and beautiful emails. 

Compared to Constant Contact, OptinMonster does not offer any free plan. However, it does ensure a 14-day money-back guarantee in case you do not like its service. 

There are 4 different pricing plans available for digital entrepreneurs to check out. 

The most Basic plan starts from $9 a month whereas the most premium plan, i.e. “Growth” will cost you around $49 per month. 

“Pro Plan” is the most popular one currently and it lets the users enjoy customizing email campaigns for up to 3 websites. 

More of a premium ESP, I will recommend OptinMonster to those who want instant results within a month. 

DeBounce – Premium Email Validation Tool

After running your campaigns and collecting tons of emails, you still aren’t seeing any return on investment. And you wonder why!

That’s where DeBounce pops in. The tool is a fast and accurate way to get rid of spammy and deactivated emails. It helps you clean your email list, minimize bouncing, and offers integrations. Integrate it with any third-party email marketing tool like Mailchimp.

Sendinblue – All-in-One Email Marketing Solution

Are you looking for an all-in-one digital marketing tool, not just email marketing software? You have to try Sendinblue then. With one subscription, you get all the tools you need to amp up your online business like:

  • SMS marketing tools
  • Email marketing tools
  • Chat and inbox tools
  • Customers management tools
  • Marketing automation
  • Transactional email tools
  • Landing pages
  • Facebook ads
  • Sign up forms

Yes, you get all the tools for just one price. And all the plans come with unlimited contact storage. You can get started with Sendinblue for free as long as you send 300 emails per day, which is more than enough for beginners.

GetResponse – European-Grade Emailing Software

It’s also a powerful email marketing software with attractive templates and easy-to-use design tools. The company makes sure you deliver your emails seamlessly. You can create as many newsletters and autoresponders as you like. 

Automate your emails and send receipts using SMTP-powered emails with GetResponse. All the email marketing tools are reliable and consistent, so you can get the maximum ROI. And you can do a lot more than just marketing. 

Hunter.io Email Marketing Tool

Hunter.io is a terrific email marketing tool that helps you find email addresses for outreach. But it also offers domain search, campaign features, and email verification. In addition, entrepreneurs and freelancers use the platform to find leads. 

Website owners also use Hunter.io to find link-building opportunities. For example, finding email addresses has never been easier than now. You can quickly locate the email address with just your domain name, company name, company name, or company name. 

Convertkit – Top Email Marketing Service for Content Creators

Are you looking for an email service provider and landing page builder at the same time? Then you need to go for a free trial offered by Convertkit. It’s a superb choice for content creators, entrepreneurs, and email marketers as well. 

Let’s have a look at some of the most delicate features of Convertkit:

  • Beautiful email templates 
  • Clutter-free writing experience
  • Schedule your emails like a pro
  • Automatic free download delivery
  • Customizable segmentation
  • Targeted content
  • Free email sign up forms
  • Attractive and clickable CTAs

I believe Convertkit has a lot of advanced features to amp up your email marketing game. It’s an easy to use tool to gear up email automation, segmentation, and verification. And it also offers a free trial which means you’ll see what you are buying. 

Sendy – Affordable Email Marketing Tools

If you are looking for the best bang for your bucks, you need to try Sendy. The company claims to help you send newsletters 100x cheaper. And you can do it with the power of Amazon SES. Unlike Convertkit or Sendinblue, Sendy is a self-hosted newsletter app. 

There are several benefits of using Sendy:

  • Send newsletters at reasonable pricing
  • Analyze detailed and beautiful reports
  • Enjoy white-label client accounts
  • Send autoresponders
  • Create segmented lists
  • Control your email marketing tool by creating rules
  • Handle bounce, complaints, and unsubscription

Sendy helps you track emails with Amazon Simple Email Service. It means that you can now send authentic bulk emails at highly reasonable pricing. It’s easy to set up, and the best email marketing tool money can buy. 

Mailchimp – Old Buddy in the Game of Digital Marketing

If you want to get started with the leader in the email marketing world, you need Mailchimp without a doubt. It’s still an excellent choice for its great analytics, intelligent automation, and straightforward pricing. Let me reveal a few benefits of using Mailchimp:

  • Create an online business, website, or store
  • Market your business using emails, social ads, and postcards
  • Build landing pages like a pro
  • Segment your email lists
  • Create better content using the designing tools
  • Automate your emails, response, and sales
  • Take action using the detailed reports

More prominent companies like Vimeo or TED are using Mailchimp to reach their audience. Mailchimp has been doing the business since 2011, so you can trust it. I must appreciate its award-winning 24/7 support and 250+ app integrations.

Email Warmup Schedule Generator 

It’s yet another tool by H-Supertools to help you set the schedule for your emails to boost your email reputation. The SMTP reputation is important for getting your emails delivered to the recipients

A higher score increases the chances of emails being delivered to recipients on the ISP’s network. Using our Email Warmup Schedule Generator is easy. All you need is input the number of emails you want to send. And that’s just it!

But you’ll use these tools if you have an email list. Let’s take on how to build it now. 

2. Build Your Email List: Create Lead Magnets, Opt-In Form & More

After figuring out which ESP to go with, the next step involves focusing on creating an email list out of scratch. 

Different digital marketers utilize different strategies to create an audience-oriented email list. That said, some of the tips that you can utilize for creating a large email list are:

  • Create awesome CTAs
  • Use Lead Magnets to attract email addresses
  • Build engaging opt-ins
  • Add humor where needed
  • And most importantly, add value to your audience

For lead magnets and email ideas, you can always use Keyword Research Tool. It helps you find related keywords. And then you can get ideas for helping your audience get the answer or enjoy the solution to their problem.  Here’s how you do it:

  • Go to Keyword Research Tool
  • Feed in your main idea for email
  • Get related keywords
  • Create organized topics based on the keywords

And start writing emails based on the topic clusters. Why? It’s because people are already searching for those topics. With that said, let’s get into the tips in detail now. 

2.1. Create Personalized Call to Action Button for Each Landing Page 

Many newbie marketers make the mistake of using the same Call to Action (CTA) button for almost every landing or blog page. 

That is an outdated practice!

To increase your email list, you need to design a personalized and properly customized CTA for each landing page. 

For instance, if you have a blog page related to weight loss tips, you can create a CTA button including a free Weight Losing Tips Resource. Everyone loves free stuff and I am pretty sure you will get a lot of emails this way. 

It is always preferred that you make relevant calls-to-action buttons if you want to build an email list empire within a short time. 

2.2. Utilize a Lead Magnet

Creating effective and relevant lead magnets means catching the attention of thousands of bees to a beehive. 

No, I am not kidding at all!

A lead magnet could easily warm up your empty email list and fill it up with hundreds of potential subscribers and customers. 

The thing here to consider is how one could make an attention grabbing lead magnet and this is where I could help you out. 

Have a look at how to create an attractive lead magnet to increase your chances of getting more emails: 

2.2.1. Tips to Create an Appealing Lead Magnet: 

To make a lead magnet that can have an instant impact on a user, keep the following things in mind: 

Figure Out What Your User Needs 

Identifying the needs and requirements of your buyers can make everything clear about creating a great lead magnet. 

Try to identify what your user demands and build your lead magnet according to it. 

Keep it Solution-Oriented

Next thing to follow is to keep the lead magnet as practical as possible. 

No matter what you decide to add to the magnet like a free offer, it should be able to solve the problem of the user. 

It will increase the trust of a user on your brand and they will happily leave their credentials on your landing page. 

Keep the Offer Digital and Easy to Consume 

Do not start with offering a physical product as a beginner digital marketer. Add content, which a user can easily consume.

It would be better if you add a small PDF about solving a specific problem. 

You can also include infographics, videos, and other relevant digital stuff that your user can easily understand. 

Keep Future Content in Mind 

Your lead magnet can have no impact on your user if you do not intend to offer value in your future content. 

The only reason you are offering a free lead magnet is to make a subscriber believe that the next content would even be better than this one. 

So, keep this factor in mind while finalizing a lead magnet offer. 

Think of Lead Magnet as a Stepping Stone to a Paid Offer 

Last but not the least, while creating the offer, think of it as a stepping stone to your paid offer. 

Utilize your copywriting skills to make a user intrigued enough about the stuff included in your paid promotion. 

With this approach, the lead magnet you create can not only help you build a large email list but will also become your potential customer list in near future. 

After getting done with a lead magnet, test it on your landing page and see whether it is working or not. 

2.3. Create an Engaging Opt-In Form 

Another way to build a large email list is to properly optimize the opt-in form. 

You simply cannot ignore the importance of an opt-in form for your business as it works as a gateway to bringing potential subscriptions. 

Here are some of the tips you can keep in mind while creating an opt-in form for your business: 

Do Not Compromise on the Design

The design should be attractive enough to grab the attention of the user immediately. 

It should stand out from your landing page as this would compel the user to put the information with ease and convenience. 

You can take help from paid marketing tools such as Constant Contact and OptinMonster to improve the design of your form. 

Keep the Form Simple Yet Intuitive

Simplicity attracts people and that is what you should do while creating your opt-in form. 

Keeping it simple yet intuitive enough will help the users put their information without facing any problem. 

You could add boxes asking for First Name, Last Name, and Email address only. 

Doing this will help the user fill the form within a short time. 

Keep Relevancy in Mind While Creating the Form 

While you would want to keep the form simple and intuitive, make sure that it is relevant to the stuff you are offering. 

Deceiving your users can give you short term benefits, but it can have adverse impacts on your business in the longer run. 

Ensure the Flow of the Form 

Before going live with the opt-in form, test it yourself and ask some of your co-workers to fill it. 

Besides, you should keep track of the flow of the whole process. 

For that purpose, confirm that as soon as a user submit all details, the offer gets delivered along with a Thank You message. 

Keep the whole process as professional as possible to increase your chances of building a large email list out of scratch. 

2.4. Add Humor/Sarcasm in Your Calls-to-Action Copies

The last strategy you could try to spice up your lead magnets and opt-in forms is to inject some humor or sarcasm into your CTA copies. 

Gone are the days when users could sign up for your offer just with a “Yes” or “No”. 

You have to think out of the box if you want to create an active email list including potential customers. 

I really enjoy reading email copies that have some kind of humor or sarcasm injected into them. 

For instance, I once read an email related to Weight Gaining Tips and one CTA button was like, “No thanks! I do not want to increase my weight.” Followed by it was a button saying something like, “I want to increase it. Sign Me Up!”

See, people are not robots and they do not prefer taking action on robotic emails. 

Add a touch of humor and sarcasm into your final offers and enjoy the magic of increasing your email list perfectly. 

Once you get successful in building a Great Active Email list, the next step goes as under: 

3. Start Adding Email Addresses to Your Tool 

After collecting email addresses from the strategies we have utilized above, you will have to add them to your email marketing tool. 

Different tools will have different options to upload the collected email list. 

The most common one is to add collected emails into a spreadsheet and then upload them directly to a specific tool. 

I will leave it to your preference and convenience as you can decide better on adding email addresses as per your will. 

After adding them to your email marketing tool, you can make multiple labels and segment the email list to target them perfectly. 

4. Set Up Your Welcome Email 

They say, “First impression is the last impression.”

Well, I am not a big fan of this quote, but it works like a charm when we talk about setting up a welcome email. 

Your welcome email acts as the first impression on your subscriber. If it is not impressive enough, then the user will lose all the interest just by looking at it. 

So, you need to make sure that your welcome email hits the user right in the heart and forces him to read it until the end. 

When it comes to creating an engaging and powerful welcome email, tools like Constant Contact and OptinMonster could help you. 

The library of these two platforms have got multiple welcome email templates that you can customize according to your preferences. 

Have a look at this simple yet engaging welcome email from Astrill VPN: 

Another example of a welcome email that looks quite impressive is from Serpfox that I received recently. Have a look at it: 

From these two examples, it is clear that a welcome email must start with some sort of greetings. 

Secondly, you could see that the color pattern of CTA buttons in both examples is quite engaging. 

CTAs are up to the point and asking the user (me) to take any action as soon as possible. 

That is what a welcome email is all about. 

You will get better at setting up creative welcome emails as soon as you gain some experience in this field. 

5. Create or Choose From the Best Email Templates

Do not panic even if you cannot design beautiful emails. 

Constant Contact and OptinMonster will make you one hell of a designer and no I am not joking at all. 

I still remember not being able to design something that could actually force my readers to take the action. 

However, the email templates library of Constant Contact did help me a lot and now I know how to pitch my users just by doing some tweaks into the already built templates. 

Some tips that you could follow to enjoy making beautiful emails with Constant Contact go as under: 

Look for a Clean and Eye-Catching Layout 

While choosing an email template from the library, make sure that you look for a clean and simple layout. 

It will help you make easy adjustments to the template and you can make changes to it according to your preferences. 

Doing this will help deliver your message right into the reader’s mind without any hurdle. 

Choose a Mobile Responsive Template 

No one has the time to check every email via desktop. To be honest, I prefer checking my emails via smartphone rather than my laptop. 

So, when you know that most people prefer opening emails on their smartphones, you should opt for mobile responsive templates. 

You will find hundreds of templates that are built while keeping mobile responsiveness in mind on Constant Contact. 

Make a wise choice here and it will pay you off for sure. 

Customizing the Template: 

After selecting a clean and sleek template with mobile responsive feature, the next step is to customize it. 

While customizing the template, keep following things in your mind: 

Put your business logo on the top of your email and if possible link it to the homepage of your website’s homepage. 

Choose color patterns that align with your business’s logo. 

Make an email footer where you will put your Business Name, Contact Information, and links to your official social media profiles. 

Once done with the basics, simply make a copy of this design and save it in Constant Contact’s dashboard. 

It will allow you to use the same template again and again with little changes according to the subject and body of your future emails. 

That is how you could create a reusable template within a few steps. And now is the time to learn how to write converting emails!

6. Learn the Art of Email Copywriting: Catchy Titles, Images & Body

The most interesting and time taking section of email marketing is to learn the art of copywriting while pitching the users. 

Your email will have no effect on the user if you do not learn copywriting skills. 

Email copywriting simply means writing in a way that could compel a user to make an action. 

More precisely, it should stand out among a large inbox and should force a person to open the email. 

The use of appropriate titles, images, and writing the Body part effectively could easily land you many potential clients and subscriptions. 

However, “Rome was not built in a day” and that is the case with email copywriting. 

You need to practice this art as much as you can and even so, this field will require you to gain as much knowledge as you can. 

Some of the tips that I would give to newbie email marketers about improving their copywriting skills include: 

6.1. Identify the “Who” and “What” 

The biggest questions to ask yourself before writing an email copy are: 

Who you are writing to? and 

What do you want them to do after they open the email? 

As for the “Who” part, you need to understand your targeted audience and how they will behave after receiving your email.

Similarly, for “What” part you need to focus on what you are trying to sell to them. 

Without identifying Who and What, it will seem like you are rowing a solo boat in a vast ocean without any direction. 

So, take out some time and understand your audience and then your offers before starting an email. 

6.2. Keep Subject Lines Short 

Subject lines or headlines of an email act as the first impression you make on your audience. 

Keeping them short, concise, and to the point will help a user understand it clearly and the chances of your email getting opened will increase sufficiently. 

According to recent research, it has been found that subject lines ranging from 6 to 10 words have an opening ratio of around 25%. 

As the word count increases to 25 words, the email opening rate comes down to 10%. 

Keep these statistics in mind while creating a subject line and make it as clear and engaging as possible. 

6.3. Make a Clear Promise 

Analyze the offer you are making and then pitch the user by making a bold promise in the subject line. 

With that, you will have an instant impact on the mind of users and they will be compelled to open the email to see whether you are fulfilling your promise or not.

Some catchy subject lines I have used over the years to attract the audience include: 

  • Learn how I lost my weight within a month with 5 Proven Ways!
  • These 5 habits have helped me increase my productivity to a whole new level! 
  • Some interesting facts about “The Office U.S.” You must know!

You see? I have not used any fancy words to make the subject lines look complex. 

I have just stated the facts regarding what my content is really about and it worked like a charm. 

6.4. Focus on Aligning Subject Line with Body Copy

To understand it better, you first need to divide your email copy into three parts, i.e. 

  • The Subject Line, 
  • Body Copy and 
  • Call to Action. 

Now, after making use of an eye-catchy subject line, make sure that your body copy aligns with it. 

Do not make the mistake of promising something else in the subject line and then negating from it while writing the copy. 

For instance, 

If the subject line goes as, “Learn how I lost my weight within a month with 5 Proven Ways!”

You can go with a body copy, such as: 

Tired of trying different weight losing remedies and not getting any success? I present a practical process of losing 5 to 10 pounds within a month with my secret 5 steps formula. Implement it and see astonishing results after a month. 

This body copy is coherent with the subject line I mentioned above. It is increasing the curiosity of the user, which will in return increase the chances of taking action on a CTA button. 

Alignment is necessary and if you do not come right to the main point, you will surely lose a potential subscriber or a customer. 

6.5. Focus on Using Relevant Images 

Make good use of relevant images in your email copy where possible. 

I am not telling you to stuff irrelevant images as it will have no impact on your audience. 

Use it where it seems like you are trying to explain something via visuals and graphics. 

It will help your readers convert into customers right after they open your email. 

7. Send Your Emails at the Best Time 

Again it is important to note the time you want to send emails to your potential list. 

For that purpose, you need to focus more and more on understanding the demographics of your audience. 

Identifying the region they live in could make things easier for you. 

Fortunately, you can utilize some techniques in tools like Constant Contact to have an idea of the best time to send an email. 

For that purpose, you can consider Email Sent History while comparing low open rate campaigns with that of high open rates. 

This will give you an idea of when to send the emails to a specific audience. 

Similarly, you can open the campaigns with highest opening rates and review their open report to see at what time your subscribers opened your email. 

Practice with different time zones and it will surely help you increase your opening rate and result in more subscribers. 

8. Track Your Results: A/B Testing, CTR & Open Rates

Keeping a track of your email campaign will give you insights into how well you can manage your future email strategies. 

Make sure that you keep track of your results including CTR (Click Through Ratio) and open rates, etc. 

Utilize the following things to get better results in your next email campaign

8.1. A/B Testing: 

A/B testing actually means using different versions of the same email copy to see which one is performing better. 

You can use tools like Constant Contact, OptinMonster, and Sendinblue to do A/B testing. 

Based on the results from this testing, you can choose the best version and carry on with it accordingly. 

8.2. Open Rates: 

The average percentage of open rates revolves around 10% to 15% according to the data shared by Campaign Monitor. 

If we take that into perspective, out of 100 emails you send, only 10 or 15 will get opened. 

To optimize open rates percentage, you must focus on the subject line of your email and keep the whole copy as aligned as possible. 

8.3. CTR (Click-Through Rate)

With the average CTR of only 2.5% as per Campaign Monitor, you should optimize your Call to Action buttons as much as possible. 

Doing this will increase your CTR rate and will eventually get you potential leads. 

9. Improve Along the Way 

“Practice Makes a Man Perfect!”

Focus on this quote when you practice with different email marketing strategies and campaigns. 

Keep learning the art of email copywriting if you want your campaign to be a successful one. 

Moreover, you could do split testing (A/B testing), use storytelling in the body copy of your email, and optimize your CTA buttons to improve along the way. 

A time will come when you will get the ideal open rate and CTR percentage. Moreover, you will be able to manage email campaigns on a large scale easily. 

Email Marketing Guide for Beginners: FAQs

To clear concepts of some newbies regarding email marketing, here are the answers to some of the frequently asked questions: 

1. What is the best way to do email marketing?

The best way to do email marketing is to find an ideal platform or software that will help automate your campaigns. Next, you have to worry about welcome emails, writing an email copy that can convert, and testing different versions of the same email on targeted audience. It will help you become a master of email marketing in near future. 

2. Which is the best email marketing service?

Constant Contact with all its resources, reusable templates, and proper marketing tools is a perfect platform to start your journey. You can also consider OptinMonster, however, its pricing plans are a bit expensive. Mailchimp and Sendinblue are some other reliable marketing services you could try. 

3. What are the 5 steps of email marketing? 

The 5 steps of email marketing are;

  1. Determining your goals and analyzing your target audience. 
  2. Making a good first impression via welcome emails. 
  3. Forcing your recipient to take action through an engaging email copy. 
  4. Seducing the user through smooth and sleek Call to Action buttons. 
  5. Analyzing and tracking the results to improve your future email marketing strategies. 

Let me summarize this email marketing guide now. 

In Conclusion: The Definitive Email Marketing Guide (2022)

Email marketing is an effective method to try and lure your targeted audience to take action. 

With the help of multiple email marketing tools, you can automate your email campaigns and track their results accordingly. 

If you feel overwhelmed, have a look at these hand-picked tools:

  • Hunter.io for getting email addresses
  • Email validation tools by H-Supertools
  • OptinMaster for lead magnets
  • GetResponse for full-fledged email marketing

Make sure that you learn the art of email copywriting and practice it with different templates. And persuade your recipients in the best possible manner. 

Let’s me summarize the guide for you:

  • Work on your email marketing goals
  • Pick the best email marketing tools
  • Start building your email list with lead magnets
  • Set up your email welcome email 
  • Implement the best of email copywriting
  • Improve your titles for increased open rates
  • Track your results along the way
  • And repeat what’s working for you

Follow the step-by-step email marketing guide I have explained above. Improve your skill as an email marketer or boost your business as an entrepreneur.