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Chad S. White [ chadswhite ]

3x Author of 'Email Marketing Rules' and 3,000+ posts on #emailmarketing | Head of Research @Oracle Marketing Consulting | previously @LitmusApp, @Salesforce

Location: Boston, MA

Followers: 17057


The eMail Guide [ theeMailguide ]

The eMail Guide is your ultimate resource for email marketing. We train #emailmarketing NewBees to become Ninjas. Looking for email marketing help? Click here:

Location: Toronto

Followers: 18740


Chase Dimond | Email Marketing Nerd 📧 [ ecomchasedimond ]

Driven $75+ million in email revenue for clients. Partner at a 7 figure Ecommerce Email Marketing Agency. Join 19,316 marketers & get my email secrets weekly ⬇️

Location: Tustin, CA

Followers: 30644


FireDrum Email Marketing [ FireDrum ]

🔥📨 FireDrum empowers businesses of all sizes by offering scalable email marketing solutions.


Followers: 9886


Email Marketing [ mailigen ]

Mailigen is a new generation of email marketing software. Email marketing + Social Integration + SMS Delivery

Location: International waters

Followers: 7906

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Find Influencers Tool (Explained):

If you opt not to use a platform or agency for your influencer marketing, you will have to build up relationships with influencers yourself. To do this, you first need to identify the influencers that rule your niche. If you are an active online participant in your niche, you may already have a good idea who are the best influencers. In other cases, you will have to carry out considerable research first. Luckily you are here!

We have developed the Free Influencer Discovery Tool To Help You Search & Find Influencers in seconds in almost any digital marketing niche.

Just enter a Search Term, and Enjoy!