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 AI Coins
 AI Coins

What is AI Writer?

Maybe You heard about Jarvis or Jasper?  This AI writer tool is a 100% Free Alternative to create your copy, blog content, scriptwriting, or write any paragraph you want. It is simply a Free Content generator!

Let me explain if you are new to this AI Content Generation technology.

Artificial intelligence Content Generation tools are the latest trend in content writing, blogging, and overall copywriting in general. This technology will help you create high-quality content and save a lot of time. Think about it as a robot sitting beside you and helping you write! It is an AI writing assistant.

So in Short:

This Free AI Writer Tool Helps You Generate Sentences and Paragraphs to Assist You In Writing Articles With The Help of AI.


How To Use The Free AI Content Generator tool (AI Writer)?

Here on H-supertools, our primary goal is to simplify things, so we create super powerful tools that work with a few clicks.

So, you need to enter a topic or a phrase that you want to generate content around, then set the Intelligence Level & The Max Output, Click Generate, and see the Magic! That's it.

After you generate your paragraphs, you can always translate them to other languages with the free AI Paragraph Translator Tool.


Why do We have limits on Input & Output?

Maybe you are wondering why we have a 50 char limit on the input and 150 words on the output. This is because our ai writer Tool is Free!

Unfortunately, Free Tools are always vulnerable to spammers, thus we need to protect our website and keep it up for people who want real help. Therefore, we are obliged to set some limitations on usage. 

The Good News is these limits will gradually increase as we monitor users' activity on this tool.


Can you Use this Content Creation Tool (Ai Writer) to generate blog posts?

In general, AI is not being used to generate long blog posts, but instead, you can use our outline generator to create your outline, then use this content generator tool to create a start for your original content. Content writers will use the AI just as a small push for content creation. The tool creates content ideas for the content writing process. In Short, Think about it as a writing assistant. For more information about this, you can watch this video.


What can I use the AI Writer for?

The ai content writing tool can be used in many content types. Examples of these are: 

- Sales Emails

- Social Media Posts

- Social Media Content

- AI-generated content.

- Sentence expander.

And much more!


What are AI Coins?

We created Ai coins to track usage and prevent any bad use of the tool. As a regular user, you don't have to worry about these coins and limits. It is more than enough.

You have a balance of 30K AI coins every month, which is enough to write more than four articles 1500 words long!

When you set the Intelligence level and the output length, you will see how many AI coins you will use, so always try to start with mid intelligence level. 

And sometimes, level one will be more than enough. So try to play with these metrics and see the results to understand which best fits you.


Prohibited Content

We use Strict Filtering on bad content, so you are not allowed to use the tool for generating any of the following categories of content:

  • Hate: content that expresses, incites, or promotes hate based on identity.
  • Harassment: content that intends to harass, threaten, or bully an individual.
  • Violence: content that promotes or glorifies violence or celebrates the suffering or humiliation of others.
  • Self-harm: content that promotes, encourages, or depicts acts of self-harm, such as suicide, cutting, and eating disorders.
  • Adult: content meant to arouse sexual excitement, such as describing a sexual activity or promoting sexual services (excluding sex education and wellness).
  • Political: content attempting to influence the political process or be used for campaigning purposes.
  • Spam: Unsolicited bulk content.
  • Deception: false or misleading content, such as attempting to defraud individuals or spread disinformation.
  • Malware: content that attempts to generate ransomware, keyloggers, viruses, or other software intended to impose some level of harm.


Will the AI writer generate SEO-Friendly content?

The ai writer does not generate SEO-friendly content or original quality content, it will just create content and you have to do content optimization. But, no worries, you can use our free keyword tool to step into SEO, and our free SEO checklist to optimize and rank your content on google.

Does Google AdSense accept AI content?

Short answer: if you are only using AI on your website, most likely, you will not be accepted by google, but the solution is here, watch this video to learn more about Google AdSense approval with ai content generators.

Do you have any premium plans or unlimited plans?

The ai writer is free, and we do not have any plan to make premium monthly plans at this time. 

Can I create long-form content with AI writers?

As mentioned in the tool description, the tool is limited to 150 words for output. This means you need to create multiple paragraphs and combine them to make long paragraphs and articles. 


If you face any problems or have any suggestions, we will be more than happy to hear from you. contact us on our support email.

Use Cases of The AI Content Generator:

content img

Article Writing

You can think about this tool as a writing assistant, generate a paragraph, Sentences, or even a small article in seconds. This is Not a Tool To Generate Full Articles! we don't believe It is a good approach to generate full article with AI.

mockup img

Mock-up Creation

Before releasing a new application, it is often necessary to create mock-ups in order to get user feedback. Filling the blanks of these mock-ups with generated text is a good way to make it look as real as possible.

test img

Fuzzy testing

Fuzzy testing is a technique used by programmers in order to test their applications with random content. Generating new content for every test is a convenient way to perform fuzzy testing.

Free AI Content Generator Demo Video:

Important FAQs

Ai coins are something we created to track usage and prevent any bad usage on the tool.
You don't need To refill, these coins are free and automatically refilled every 30 Days.
Currently, we don't sell Ai coins, and we don't have any plans to do so.
Intelligence Level is a measurement of how much the AI model is trained, sometimes level one will do the job, and some times you need to increase level to get better results.
If The Tool is Not Generating Text, Try changing your input, Intelligence level, or output length. If the issue persists, please contact us.
Yes, we have limits on input length (50 chars), output words (150 max), and 30K Ai Coins per month. don't worry about it, it is more than enough.
If you are facing any problem, we will be more than happy to hear from you, please post your thoughts on the forum, or you can simply contact us on our support email.